Watercolor - "Pour it on!" by Jan Fabian Wallake
By allowing watercolor pigments to run free across the paper, artists can achieve a unique, glowing quality that no other technique can equal. This enjoyable guide takes the fear out of "letting loose" and exploiting the flow of watercolor, empowering artists to trust their instincts and create glazes rich in depth and luminosity. Step by step, artists are led through the process of planning, preparing and applying glazes, covering: Composition and the use of exaggeration, elimination, repetition and contrast; 30 easy and unconventional methods for producing watercolor images; 3 basic steps to developing a painting: saving whites, creating form and lighting up focal areas; 5 complete demonstrations; These new techniques will not only improve each artist's ability, they will also make the act of painting a more fulfilling and liberating experience.

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